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Our gas upgrading technology – simple and flexible.

Our answer to the requirements of the future is summed up by EnviThan – a highly efficient biogas upgrading technology. This process increases the amount of high-energy methane from approx. 50 percent to more than 97 volume percent. It is more environmentally friendly, more energy-efficient and cost-efficient and far more flexible than other technologies.

Different gases have different permeation speeds and solubility properties. CO2 molecules are smaller than methane molecules and can pass through the micropores of the membrane more rapidly. Whilst the majority of the CO2 and water vapour passes through the molecular screen, the valuable methane is concentrated on the high-pressure side of the membrane.

The upgraded biomethane is conveyed to the supply station where it is further treated by the network operator or directly fed into the natural gas grid.

EnviThan gas upgrading – successful design, progressive technique

  •  Simple, compact and modular design
  •  Low pressure loss – H4 yield > 99%
  •  Short start-up times thanks to rapid controllability
  •  Cost-effective and environmentally friendly, along with low need for raw materials
  •  Energy-saving and efficient operation
  •  Tailor made

Your contact

Your contact

Stefan Laumann

Head of gas upgrading
EnviTec Anlagenbau
GmbH & Co. KG

+49 (0) 2574 8888-891
+49 (0) 2574 8888-800

Biomethane brochure

Biomethane brochure