Construction of new biogas plant with the EnviThan gas upgrading system to start in June

Second contract signed by EnviTec Biogas AG in China

Lohne, 23 April 2014 –  The Chinese energy market is booming - and this also applies to renewable energies from biomass. EnviTec, the biogas all-rounder from Lower Saxony, is profiting from its international expertise, concluding a second contract in the Middle Kingdom.

After the successful go-ahead for the construction of an EnviFarm Classic biogas plant with the EnviThan gas upgrading system in Jiyuan, Henan Province, the customer has decided on an additional joint project with the Lower Saxon company. China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) is once again investing in a biogas plant including a 700 Nm³/h gas upgrading system. CSIC, a state-owned company with a workforce of 300,000, intends to operate the plant with kitchen waste and sludge; construction is set to begin as early as June.

"The contract just signed for the construction of a biogas plant with the EnviThan gas upgrading system in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, makes us confident that, with our technology and consulting services, we are well on the way to further establishing ourselves in the Asian market", says Roel Slotman, Chief Commercial Officer at EnviTec Biogas. The gas upgrading system is being constructed in a tried-and-tested container design of EnviTec and is already planned to feed gas into the available grid at the end of 2014. "As a whole, the Chinese market offers outstanding conditions for operating biogas plants", Slotman continues. China has roughly 8 billion animals, including pigs, chickens, ducks and cattle, with manure and slurry accumulated in the process of keeping them.

The new EnviTec customers already demonstrated great interest in biogas technology "made in Germany" last year during a visit of the EnviThan gas upgrading systems in Sachsendorf and Köckte. The EnviThan membrane technology applied there is primarily distinguished by its efficiency and environmental friendliness, because it makes do without using chemicals, water or other aides. The EnviThan biogas upgrading system is simple and robust as well as compact and space-saving. Components for desulphurisation, compression, condensation, filtration and gas separation can be installed in closed containers. Thanks to the modular design, every system can be adapted to the individual performance requirements of the respective operator. As CSIC General Manager JianHua Wang explains: "Precisely this flexibility, but also the low construction costs, convinced us to enlist the expertise of EnviTec Biogas for our second planned project as well."


About EnviTec Biogas AG
EnviTec Biogas AG covers the entire value chain for the production of biogas, including the planning and turnkey construction of biogas plants and biogas upgrading plants as well as their commissioning. The company takes charge of biological and technical services on demand and also offers full plant and operational management. In addition, EnviTec also operates its own biogas plants. In 2011, EnviTec Biogas along with EnviTec Energy GmbH & Co. KG and its 100% subsidiary EnviTec Stromkontor GmbH & Co. KG expanded its business operations into the direct marketing of upgraded biomethane as well as the marketing of green electricity and balancing energy. EnviTec Biogas AG currently operates in 20 countries. In 2012, EnviTec generated revenues of €190.5 million and an EBIT of €1.3 million. The EnviTec Group currently has 350 employees. EnviTec Biogas has been listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange since July 2007.

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