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Biogas - the allrounder among renewable energy

Whether as a source of electricity to generate heat locally, to supply heat by pipeline or to feed into the gas network after processing - Biogas is multi-talented and versatile. The weather-independent generation is a predictable source of revenue for the operator, since energy from biogas is subject to any price fluctuations. At the same time, a biogas plant actively contributes to environmental protection and energy mix of the future.

  • Generation of electricity
  • Generation of heat and coldness
  • Conversion to natural gas
Highly efficient
  • Highest energy recovery amongst all biomass project types
  • Use of the whole crop in comparison to other bio fuels
  • Variety of feed-stocks can be processed (e.g. organic waste)
Storable and available
  • Peak load capability
  • Base load capability
  • Power generation unrelated to weather conditions
  • Clear net positive carbon footprint
  • Suitable for the development of decentralised energy supply
  • Fermentation residues suitable for premium fertilize

Interactive animation

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Interactive animation