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Innovative, economical and sustainable: Our digestate processing using the membrane process

Owing to their nutrient density and decreased odour, fermentation residues are exceptionally suitable as fertilisers. But how can we save storage and transportation costs and still protect the environment? Our subsidiary, A3 Water Solutions GmbH, has developed a holistic modular concept for the processing of accumulated fermentation residues. The membrane process separates the fermentation residues into solid and liquid parts and thus provides fertiliser products that can be transported, stored and sold. Nutrients in the appropriate form can thus be distributed exactly at the places where they are required.

The process results in three individually usable substances:

  • The solid substance is used as a soil additive or compost
  • The resultant liquid nutrient concentrate replaces the mineral fertiliser
  • The separated water is processed such that it is directly routed in the surrounding water body or  can be used as processing water

We offer a personal on-site consultation to clarify whether a digestate processing system is worthwhile for your company and what benefits it will provide.

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