Nach Oben
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Our standard for maximum demands

Our reliable EnviFarm Classic plants are extremely flexible when it comes to feeding input materials and are customised for your operation and to the special requirements. In addition to using in a pure slurry operation, they can not only be fed with biomass, but also with all types of organic wastes. The stable and spacious technical building allows optimum temperature control using the innovative ventilation technology as well as weather-independent operation and storage.

Technical special features

Technical building

  •  CHP with desired kW output in the sound insulating cabinet
  •  Gas compressor, activated carbon filter, heat distribution
  •  Engineering room and office premises

Feeding system/mixing technology

  • Kreis-Dissolver, vertical mixer, walking floor or alternative feeding system

The advantages at a glance

  • Plant design based on demand
  • Flexibility in feeding varied input materials
  • Fully-equipped, spacious technical building with distinct layout, weather-independent use and excellent soundproofing

Function Principle

Technological farsightedness and maximum quality expectations: EnviTec biogas plants use the newest processes to give you maximum efficiency and profitability.

Function Principle