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Principally easy - how a biogas plant works

For the formation of biogas, it needs above all the right technology.

The basic principle of a biogas plant is relatively simple. Renewable raw materials from agriculture, animal droppings, residues from the food and agro-industry, can be used as input materials.
The microbiological process of fermentation then takes place in four stages, by hydrolysis on acid and acetic acid formation to the formation of methane. There are various types of anaerobic microorganisms involved, their proportion is influenced by each other starting substances, pH, temperature and process of fouling.

Formation of biogas

  • Organic materials such as for example corn silage, rye-whole-crop silage, organic waste, chicken manure are used as input material.
  • Natural methane bacteria transform organic material in the fermenter in a wet environment and the absence of air to biogas.
  • Biogas consists of 50-75% methane, 50-25% of carbon dioxide and of trace gases such as Hydrogen sulphide.

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