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Generate energy from waste - with biogas!

Waste materials and by-products are accrued in conjunction with every single manufacturing operation, such as enterprises associated with the food and restaurant sector, the fuel industry, the cosmetics sector and the animal husbandry sector.

However, the quantity of organic waste produced by the citizenry is also significant for communes – about half a tonne per year per person.

In addition to saving you the trouble of disposing of your residual products, our biogas technology also makes it possible for you to convert the waste into useful energy.

Your value from EnviWaste:

  •  Own energy from cogeneration : electricity, steam and heat
  •  Odor-free, natural fermentation residues for agriculture
  •  Filtering and cleaning the digestate residues to process water
  •  Improved CO2 balance

Substrates with high energy contents

Waste materials and by-products from

  •  Slaughterhouses
  •  The food-production industry and the food-processing industry
  •  Supermarkets, e.g. spoiled food products
  •  Breweries (malt spent grains)
  •  Restaurants
  •  Juice production
  •  The ethanol industry (mash)
  •  The biofuel industry, e.g. glycerine
  •  Animal hunbandry
  •  Purification plants: Sewage sludge
  •  The animal feed industry

Your contact

Your contact

Lars von Lehmden

Managing Director
EnviTec Anlagenbau
GmbH & Co. KG

+49 (0) 2574 8888-222
+49 (0) 2574 8888-800


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EnviWaste Brochure

EnviWaste Brochure