The all-round talent

From a macroeconomic and climate perspective, biomethane is now the most cost-effective, climate-friendly fuel for achieving progress towards climate targets and sustainable transport in Germany and the EU. The all-round talent is virtually carbon-neutral and can be stored, which means it is continuously available, making it attractive not only for the transport sector!

In addition, the all-rounder can be used wherever fossil natural gas had been used: this includes CHP applications, demand-based power and heat generation and use as a material in the chemical industry.

Biomethane is therefore an important building block of the energy transition.

Possibilities of utilizing biomethane:

Progressive fuel

The advantages of bio-LNG (liquefied natural gas) as a carbon-neutral fuel are obvious: in the transport sector alone, the use of biomethane allows a CO2 reduction of up to 97 percent compared to fossil fuels.

For this reason, we are tapping into a new field of the future as a plant manufacturer by constructing Germany's first integrated bio-LNG plant, which will both make heavy goods transport greener and also allow biogas plant operators to profit. This is because the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions required of the German fuel mix by the Renewable Energy Directive RED II means that green fuel production is being implemented ambitiously for the first time. As a result, those placing fuels on the market must now cut their GHG emissions by 25 percent by 2030 compared with 1990 levels.

Following the expiry of state subsidies for biogas plants, our all-round concept for gas treatment offers a sustainable solution for the profitable continued operation of existing plants through the sale of your biomethane or potentially its contract liquefaction into bio-LNG.


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To boost the share of heat from renewable sources to 14 percent by 2020, using biomethane in combined heat and power (cogeneration) plant is one of the most sustainable technologies currently available. Especially in cases where other kinds of renewable energy technologies or measures to reduce energy requirements are not deployable to the extent needed for structural reasons, the use of biomethane in heating-only applications is a useful alternative.
There are several usage models for biomethane-based heating. Typical consumers are the plant operator’s own property or business premises, housing complexes or public facilities fed via heating grids, as well as horticultural, commercial and manufacturing companies. All of this makes biomethane an inexpensive and efficient renewable energy option on the heating market.


A reliable electricity supply requires a balance between electricity production and demand at all times. Accordingly, the load at any point in time must be met by a guaranteed level of (power generation) performance. As power generation from fossil fuels and nuclear power plants starts to be wound down, alternative solutions to provide this level of performance are required. Flexible power generation plants are a viable option here: these can respond quickly to changes in electricity generation from the fluctuating feed-in of renewable energy sources and handle the tasks required to secure the energy supply. The use of biomethane enables the provisioning of the relevant system services on the basis of renewable energy sources and so reduces the need for fossil-based power plants.

CO2 recovery

The CO2 generated during biomethane production can be reused and liquefied. Ultrapure carbon dioxide offers an interesting additional source of revenue for plant operators, and can be utilised in a wide variety of industries (such as the food industry, in horticulture, for firefighting or in refrigeration plants).


Made to measure with EnviTec

Whichever sustainable solution you opt for, we offer you a complete package of know-how and expertise in raw gas generation and purification, planning, the tailor-made construction of gas upgrading plant and the many uses for the biomethane produced. We also offer our customers 24/7 after sales support, provided by a dedicated, local service team. This gives you a single point of contact for all your needs, available around the clock.

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