Own Investment

How we operate our own biogas plants

Besides constructing biogas plants for customers, EnviTec owns and operates biogas plants, both on agricultural as well as industrial sites. These plants are operated together with local partners  combining local expertise and competent management with long-term operational and technical knowledge provided by EnviTec.

We currently operate biogas plants with a total installed capacity of almost 63 MWel in Germany and more than 10 MWel throughout the rest of Europe.

We are looking for a long-term partnership with local parties, who are able to provide the location for a biogas plant in combination with providing (part of) the feedstock and local solutions to offtake the digestate.

Different factors when planning a biogas plant make each location special and need an individual assessment. After an initial assessment we can provide you with a preliminary feasibility study taking into account these location-specific factors.  

In a partnership EnviTec will provide the following services:

  • Assistance in choosing the right location for a plant
  • Development of the project in alignment with partner:
    - Providing design of the biogas plant
    - Providing the support and documentation or the planning/permit application
    - Assisting in contracting feedstock supply and digestate offtake
    - Applying for the required grid-connections
  • Construction of the turn-key biogas plant in partnership
  • Providing operational management of the plant through its own structure
  • Providing biological and maintenance services by EnviTec Service
  • Providing administrative support through local offices  

​​​​​​​EnviTec is looking for a partner who

  • Can provide (part of) the feedstock
  • Can offtake itself (part of) the digestate
  • Can offer a suitable location with a good grid access ability
  • Can potentially offtake part of the produced energy (either electricity, heat or biomethane)
  • Is able to provide daily operational support
  • Is willing to invest together with EnviTec

At a glance

  • A partner who provides development, construction, operational and maintenance services
  • Sharing risks on investment as well as operational level
  • Benefiting from technical and operational knowledge within EnviTec
  • Support on financing negotiations
  • Support on feedstock procurement
  • Minimum shareholding of 50 % by EnviTec
  • Project-based financing
  • Long-term assurance of input and output
  • Secured energy offtake

Case studies - Own investment

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