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One for all and all for one... no empty promise at EnviTec! The foundation for our success is the close cooperation of our 440 employees all over the world. An open leadership culture and mutual trust and respect are the cornerstones of our community. Our team's private commitment for the energy transition also hints at why our success is no accident.

Guido Klingenberg

Head of Purchasing, EnviTec Plant Construction, Saerbeck
Forgot the milk? No problem. For small errands, we always rely on our bicycles and leave the car where it is. That's easy on the environment and the wallet and gives us a chance to get some fresh air. Another plus: We're doing something for our health. To better transport our purchases, my wife and I bought a luggage bag and a basket, which are attached to the wheel. In addition, we also make sure that power strips for power supply units for laptops and cell phones, for example, are switched off at night. In the winter, we make sure we have proper ventilation and turn down the heater control by 1 degree, using a cuddly blanket instead when watching TV or reading.

Anne Selzer

Corporate Communication, EnviTec Biogas, Saerbeck
Perhaps it was the immoderate consumption of meat, especially in the winter, that led me four years ago now to take a first little break from eating meat. But then came the arguments, and the time-out still continues today: For every kilogramme of edible beef, 16 kilogrammes of grain and over 15,000 litres of water are consumed. Our intensive livestock breeding contributes 18% of of the total greenhouse gas generated worldwide  – that's 5% more than is produced by the entire transport sector throughout the world. As a logical consequence as well as for health reasons, I'm now even going a step further by choosing a vegan lifestyle, which means no animal products, such as milk, cheese, eggs and of course meat. I understand that not everyone chooses this path to do something good for themselves and the environment. But if all German citizens were to do without meat for just one day in the week, 140 million animals would be consumed per year, eliminating the greenhouse gas of six million cars.

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Ihr Kontakt

Katrin Hackfort

Abteilungsleiterin Unternehmenskommunikation
EnviTec Biogas AG
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