Consolidated financial statement for the 1st quarter of 2014: Implemented measures are taking effect

EnviTec Biogas is very pleased with company’s performance

Lohne, 31 July 2014 – “Our structural measures implemented in 2013 are taking effect. We have become more flexible and sophisticated to be able to counter fluctuations, especially in plant construction”, sums up Jörg Fischer, CFO of EnviTec Biogas AG (ISIN: DE000A0MVLS8) during the presentation of the first quarterly figures for 2014. Despite a stagnant order situation in Germany, which is the domestic market, and the amendment to the Renewable Energy Law (EEG) 2014 decided on 27 June, the company, which is globally active in more than 20 markets, is looking ahead optimistically. With a turnover of 34.2 million euros, the biogas all-rounder from Lower Saxony could earn an operative income (EBIT) of 2.2 million euros in the first quarter of the year. The earnings after tax were 1.4 million euros and thus higher than the previous year’s earnings by 2.1 million euros. In addition to the personnel expenses that dropped by 1.6 million euros, the depreciations also reduced by 0.4 million euros.

EnviTec continues to have an extreme healthy capital structure in the process: “With an equity capital amounting to approximately 170.6 million euros, we are on a solid footing“, continues the CFO. This was equivalent to an equity ratio of 58 percent.

In the current year, EnviTec is anticipating a group turnover between 145 and 165 million euros. The operative income shall continue to be positive.


About EnviTec Biogas AG

EnviTec Biogas AG covers the entire value chain for the production of biogas, including the planning and turnkey construction of biogas plants and biogas upgrading plants as well as their commissioning. The company takes charge of biological and technical services on demand and also offers full plant and operational management. In addition, EnviTec also operates its own biogas plants. In 2011, EnviTec Biogas along with EnviTec Energy GmbH & Co. KG and its 100% subsidiary EnviTec Stromkontor GmbH & Co. KG expanded its business operations into the direct marketing of upgraded biomethane as well as the marketing of green electricity and balancing energy. EnviTec Biogas AG currently operates in more than 20 countries. In 2013, EnviTec generated revenues of €148.8 million and an EBIT of €2.4 million. The EnviTec Group currently has 350 employees. EnviTec Biogas has been listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange since July 2007.


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