A strong partner in turbulent times

Video conferences, working from home and split shifts: Covid-19 has been a testing time for employers and employees worldwide. The team at EnviTec Biogas Group has risen to these challenges, however, and, despite the initial problems due to lockdown, has managed them successfully throughout the company. 

“Communication among colleagues has actually improved due to the coronavirus,” says Henrike Wernsmann. The 43-year-old works in Human Resources at EnviTec and used online conversations to keep in touch with staff members during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Project planner Sascha Hermann also made use of conferencing solutions and intends to do so in the future, even when physical distancing is no longer necessary: “Teams simply saves time—and you can still have a proper, one-to-one conversation,” he says. Depending on their various task areas, the 360 employees working for the EnviTec Group in Lohne and Saerbeck were either working from home, alone in the office or visiting customer facilities after discussing safety measures beforehand.

“In particular, we made sure to offer support to customers who were facing staff shortages due to Covid-19,” says Martin Brinkmann, Managing Director of the EnviTec Service division. “In a time of crisis like this, it’s important we show our customers that we’re a strong partner who helps out wherever possible,” he continues. Warehouse shifts were split into early and late shifts, for example, ‘airlocks’ for post and parcel handover were set up between the five units in Service, and customer accounting process flows were digitalised throughout. “We’ll now be keeping some things as they are,” says Brinkmann—along with the video conferencing, which saves time and therefore money. All in all, the pandemic has shown just how disaster-proof EnviTec is, Brinkmann says, with even plant construction work restarting after a period of downtime. “With material shipments, we really made every effort to ensure that we could restart immediately once restrictions were lifted, as they are being now,” reports Christian Ernst, Managing Director of EnviTec’s French branch office, which is currently managing ten construction sites simultaneously. Hygiene and safety standards must of course continue to be met, emphasises Martin Brinkmann: “Even if the current lifting of restrictions is making our work easier, we still need to stay very much alert to protect the health of our employees and customers.” One thing is certain, he says: EnviTec is emerging from the crisis stronger than before, secure in the knowledge that it has more than lived up to its values of sustainable business, safety, flexibility and quality.