Biomethane + CHP = zero emissions

Reduce the primary energy factor, protect the environment and qualify for subsidies — what’s not to like?

In the heating sector, all-rounder biomethane is especially effective at helping to reverse long-term climate trends. Pricing for heat generated from biomethane has excellent long-term stability, making it attractive for major consumers on tight budgets like towns and public organisations. Usage in CHP plants also reduces the primary energy factor, whilst cutting building costs and qualifying for subsidies. A basic precondition for a heat contracting quotation is a supply of biomethane upgraded to natural gas quality, which can be fed directly into the existing gas grid and then used elsewhere for decentralised power and heat generation in a CHP plant. This may involve an entirely new CHP project or conversion of an existing plant. Nor is the planning effort for an integrated municipal supply solution with a CHP plant significantly higher than that for conventional solutions using boilers and a district heating network. The utility supply engineering does need to be included in the planning process as early as possible, however.

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