20th Operator Roundtable is a virtual success

EnviTec Biogas offers customers a digital dialogue

Lohne/Saerbeck, 4 March 2021 No less interesting for being held entirely online, this year’s Operator Roundtable from EnviTec Biogas AG was a digital delight. This exclusive customer get-together celebrated its 20th anniversary as a digital-only event, due to the coronavirus lockdown. Martin Brinkmann, Managing Director of EnviTec Service GmbH: “The chance to discuss experiences personally is still one of the most important aspects of this informational event for biogas operators.” And the online chat was certainly very busy! “Feedback to date on the new format has been consistently and exclusively positive,” Brinkmann reports.

The virtual roundtable offered around 40 participants an overview of the latest topics from the biogas industry in a more compact format than usual. The main focus of the event was of course the new German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) 2021 and the prospects it offers plant operators. “Above all, the new EEG gives us planning reliability while finally promoting the true value of ‘green heat’,” said Jan Meistermann, Head of Sales at EnviTec Service GmbH, in his opening speech. This, Meistermann noted, is a substantial improvement to the old EEG from 2017. As a result, the new law finally introduces the improvements urgently needed for renewable electricity generation from biomass. Meistermann: “Raising the maximum bid value to 18.4 ct/kWh offers sound prospects for continued economic viability.” 

The next talk, by Matthias Franke from EnviTec’s Own Operations, focused the connection between the EEG and the Combined Heat and Power Act (KWKG). A presentation by EnviTec CTO Jürgen Tenbrink then followed on ‘Thermal pressure hydrolysis: more gas with any input material’. Benjamin Schelleckes from EnviTec Anlagenbau rounded off the series of talks and presentations with a look ahead at the potential use and economic benefits of EnviThan gas upgrading for existing biogas plants. 

As a result of the intense interest in these topics, a follow-up event on EEG 2021 and gas upgrading was organised. One of the speakers booked for this event was legal expert Philipp Wernsmann. His law office in Ibbenbüren specialises in the legislative field of agriculture and renewables. Wernsmann’s talk outlined the implications of the new EEG for existing plants, noting that operators who had previously been considering plant flexibilisation now stood to profit from significantly better subsidies. With the new EEG, the flexibilisation allowance has risen from the previous EUR 40 per kW to EUR 65 per kW of installed capacity. Wernsmann also focused on the topic of invitations to tender, explaining the dates, volumes and general tender conditions in considerable detail. An in-depth look at the various incentives for flexible optimised power generation rounded off his presentation.

“While our informational event is obviously not a substitute for specialist legal advice, it nonetheless gives plant operators a good starting-point for some initial decision-making,” Meistermann concludes. Due to the positive experiences gained from the Operator Roundtable and the first online safety training sessions at EnviTec Biogas Germany, the company is now moving all upcoming training courses online for the near future.

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