A milestone for environmental protection and occupational safety in Italy

EnviTec Biogas Italia reports good market prospects thanks to new biomethane legislation

02 February 2023 - EnviTec Biogas S.r.I. Italia today announced its successful ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certification in the fields of environment management and occupational health and safety. “Passing these audits not only proves we comply with high standards of quality and safety but also grants us important competitive advantages as well as tax concessions,” reports Gianluca Visconti, Service Manager at the Verona office of EnviTec S.r.l.

Unlike the ISO 9001 certification the company achieved back in 2021, participation in the audit conducted by APAVE Certification is voluntary. Over the period of a year, two coordinators, an external consultant and the responsible persons from the departments involved – Warehouse, Biological Service and Technical Service – prepared all of the processes for certification and took a close look at the company’s internal occupational safety measures. “Continuous optimisation of all processes has always been an important element of the day-to-day work in our 20-strong team,” Visconti continues.

This achievement, marked by the awarding of the three-year certificate, is not only a credit to the EnviTec team but also a motivation to maintain its role as a reliable partner with high quality and safety standards – in Italy, Germany and the wider world, notes Martin Brinkmann, Managing Director of EnviTec Services. Established over eight years ago in Italy, the lab is now an integral part of services for the seven Italian plants run by EnviTec, as well as the 45 biogas plants built by the company in Italy. “Every year, we conduct an average of 1,500 analyses, so we really are making the most of our capacities,” Brinkmann explains.

Over the next few years, the company sees potential for around 200 new biogas plants in Italy. After Germany and China, Italy is the third largest biogas producer worldwide. With the country’s new biomethane legislation now in force, market prospects have improved for the German biogas all-rounder. Visconti: “Even looking just at conversion for biomethane gas upgrading, we currently see potential for around 500 to 600 plants in our industry”. This long-awaited legislation offers particular advantages for the agricultural biogas sector and will stands to make a key contribution to the Italian energy system. As the recent press briefing on the new law explains, “…the provision of subsidies for investment and incentive tariff plans for the net production of biomethane totalling more than EUR 1.7 billion will fund an estimated production capacity of some 2 billion cbm annually until 2024 – representing a tenfold increase in current production.” The first competitive award procedure for access to funding will be launched in the first quarter of this year.

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