Construction work on the eighth EnviTec biogas plant in China in full progress

Customer again relies on quality and expertise ‘Made in Germany’

Lohne/Saerbeck, 07 October 2021 – Just five months after the contract was signed, East China Engineering Science and Technology Co., Ltd. gave the go-ahead for their project with the biogas all-rounder from Lower Saxony. “This is now the eighth project in China where we’ve been able to contribute our expertise both in biogas generation as well as in biogas upgrading systems using EnviThan,” comments Jörg Fischer, CFO of EnviTec Biogas AG.

Detailed planning has been completed for the biogas plant plus integrated gas upgrading near Tunliu in Shanxi Province, which will produce 37,000 Nm³ on a daily basis. The input materials for the biogas plant’s four digesters will be agricultural waste (corn stover), dry chicken manure and poultry litter. Two mixing tanks will be used to homogenise the substrate and sediment out the poultry manure. “The input systems matched to the input materials used comprise a BIG-Mix® from Konrad Pumpe and a Vogelsang PreMix®,” explains Stefan Dehne, Technical Sales Manager at EnviTec Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG. “These are specially developed for handling the dry and difficult to pump materials, and ensure the high-quality processing of the agricultural waste.” The process heat required for digesting will be provided by waste heat sourced from a nearby biomass cogeneration plant, so the use of non-renewable energy sources such as natural gas can be almost entirely avoided.

The biomethane produced by EnviThan will be used as bio CNG by the fuel sector and the filling station to be constructed on the same site. The EnviThan gas upgrading plant uses the latest generation of Evonik® membranes, which gives the plant an even more compact and effective method for upgrading biogas to biomethane. “We look forward to working again with EnviTec, whose expertise we have relied on to complete other successful biogas projects in China,” comments Chen Weiwu from East China Engineering Science and Technology Co. Ltd. Together with East China Engineering Science and Technology Co. Ltd., Shanghai company, a planning and development unit owned by China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation Ltd., EnviTec Biogas is responsible for ensuring that project completion runs smoothly: the international biogas engineering company will handle all of the planning work, as well as the design of the biogas generation and use by the integrated EnviThan gas upgrading plant. The precast concrete parts required for constructing the digester tanks will be produced by a local concrete works. The equipment and production material needed for this was shipped out from Germany to China before the project started. Stefan Dehne: “We’re also supplying all of the main components and process control technology. And we’ll also naturally be providing support to the customer during the construction phase up until commissioning and providing on-site training for operating personnel.” EnviTec will also be providing site supervision services for the construction of the plant building and other work to be completed by the customer, as well as providing expertise on an ad hoc basis as a project partner.

China’s large agricultural sector combined with its ambitious plan to become more environmentally friendly as the world’s largest emitter of CO2 offers enormous potential for the renewable energy and technologies sector. The 13th and most recent Five-Year Plan adopted by the Chinese Government envisages building more than 3,000 large plants for biogas throughout the entire country. (Source: China is also viewed as a pioneer in the use and development of biogas plants. Simple biogas plants were already in operation by the late 19th century in coastal regions around the South China Sea.

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