Biogas all-rounder EnviTec to construct plant for DONG Energy in the UK

World’s first plant that uses enzymes to convert untreated waste into green energy

Lohne, 10th May 2016 – It’s a premiere of a very special kind: Germany’s EnviTec Biogas AG will be constructing the world’s first biogas plant that uses digestion to convert waste pre-treated with enzymes into green energy for REnescience Northwich, a subsidiary of Danish utility DONG Energy A/S. The ground-breaking ceremony for the 6 MW plant took place in early April in Northwich near Manchester, UK.

"This unique project is a milestone in the practical realisation of innovative energy products – for us and our customer alike," comments Lars von Lehmden, Managing Director of EnviTec-Anlagenbau. Based in Denmark, REnescience is part of the DONG Energy A/S Group, one of northern Europe’s leading energy companies. "As a global brand leader in offshore wind farm construction and operation, we are aiming to set new standards in waste recycling with the technology we are deploying at REnescience and the long-standing expertise of EnviTec in plant construction and operation," says Benny Mai, Director Commercial Thermal Power, DONG Energy.


A flagship project in international sustainable waste Management

The technique, which is used to treat unsorted household waste with the aid of a specialised formulation involving the use of enzymes, has been developed and rigorously tested in a pilot plant operated by the company in Copenhagen. With the construction of a full-sized plant, DONG Energy A/S is looking to prove its new technology under real-world conditions. "With an annual capacity of 120,000 tonnes of waste from around 110,000 households, we naturally see our sustainable waste management as a flagship project for the international sector," Mai continues.

Waste will be collected by the UK waste management company FCC Environment, treated in the plant and then processed as a bioliquid in the biogas plant to be constructed by EnviTec. Here, the annual volume of around 328,000 tonnes of bioliquid will be filled into a holding tank in the biogas plant and processed in four digesters. The biogas produced will in turn be piped into four co-generation (CHP) units, creating some 45.5 million kWh of electricity, which will be fed into the local grid.

Fermentation residues are moved to intermediate storage for hygienic treatment in a pasteurisation plant for one hour at a temperature of 70 °C. Solid residues are then separated out using a "decanter" system and handed over to DONG Energy for further processing via a transportation and logistics network. The liquid phase is partially evaporated by the company in an evaporator while the remaining process water is channelled back into DONG Energy’s initial treatment process.

Commissioning of the plant is scheduled for early 2017. EnviTec is supervising construction of the digestion plant both above and below ground as a turnkey project for the customer through its local subsidiary EnviTec Biogas UK. EnviTec will also handle plant operations for about six months after commissioning. Overall, EnviTec Biogas has already completed ten plant projects in the UK with an installed total output of 8.7 MW. The 6 MW plant for DONG Energy is EnviTec’s third-largest construction project in the company’s 14-year history.


About EnviTec Biogas AG

EnviTec Biogas AG covers the entire value chain for the production of biogas, including the planning and turnkey construction of biogas plants and biogas upgrading plants as well as their commissioning. The company takes charge of biological and technical services on demand and also offers full plant and operational management. In addition, EnviTec also operates its own biogas plants. In 2011, EnviTec Biogas expanded its business operations into the direct marketing of upgraded biomethane as well as the marketing of green electricity and balancing energy. EnviTec Biogas AG currently has a presence in 14 countries. In 2014, EnviTec generated revenues of EUR 163.4 million and an EBIT of EUR 6.3 million. The EnviTec Group currently has about 360 employees. EnviTec Biogas has been listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange since July 2007.


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