Construction Start for EnviTec Biogas in Greece

Tank construction for a 998 kW biogas plant to be completed by the end of February

Lohne, 08. February 2016 – A première in Greece: with a contract for the construction of a 998 kilowatt (kW) biogas plant in Nigrita, Central Macedonia, EnviTec Biogas AG has received its first commission in Greece through its branch EnviTec Biogas South East Europe Ltd. The contractual partner is Athens-based Green Line Energy SA.

"The market entry marks yet another important step in expanding our global presence. Our ability to realise efficient, customised plants was the decisive factor for our customer's decision to go with EnviTec", says Olaf von Lehmden, Chairman of the Biogas all-rounder from Lower Saxony. "During our visit at the Saerbeck plant, what most impressed us was EnviTec's integrated approach, ranging from construction to biological and technical service", says Spyridon Tziakas, Managing Director of Nigrita Bioenergy Ltd, who also recently sent an employee to Germany for training.After a successful project start, everything has proceeded according to plan so far: "Tank construction for the plant is already underway and is expected to be completed by the end of February", says EnviTec project manager Markus Ter Heide. The next step will be the start of assembly, he adds. The input materials of the plant are green rye, maize silage and cattle slurry.

Within the framework of the 20-20-20 targets of the European Union, Greece has pledged to obtain 20% of its gross final consumption of energy from renewable energy sources by 2020. The feed-in remuneration is ensured for 20 years from the date a plant becomes operational.
According to the business development corporation of the Federal Republic of Germany - Germany Trade & Invest - the share of biomass plants in overall power production is only 0.1%. In the year 2015, the installed capacity was about 47 MW; the electricity generated corresponded to 192 gigawatt hours. However, the feed-in tariffs were reduced to 135 - 230 euros/MWh. The amount of the tariff depends on the power (MW) and the utilisation of public subsidies. If waste is used as the raw material for biogas production, the feed-in tariff falls to 94 - 131 euros/MWh.


About EnviTec Biogas AG

EnviTec Biogas AG covers the entire value chain for the production of biogas, including the planning and turnkey construction of biogas plants and biogas upgrading plants as well as their commissioning. The company takes charge of biological and technical services on demand and also offers full plant and operational management. In addition, EnviTec also operates its own biogas plants. In 2011, EnviTec Biogas expanded its business operations into the direct marketing of upgraded biomethane as well as the marketing of green electricity and balancing energy. EnviTec Biogas AG currently has a presence in 14 countries. In 2014, EnviTec generated revenues of EUR 163.4 million and an EBIT of EUR 6.3 million. The EnviTec Group currently has about 350 employees. EnviTec Biogas has been listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange since July 2007.


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