EnviTec completes construction of sixth plant in France after just nine months of construction

637 kW EnviTec biogas plant in France now in operation

Lohne, 14 November 2016 – “It’s a flagship project for the entire region,” enthuses Jean-Luc Da Lozzo, operator of the 637 kW EnviTec biogas plant in the French region of Belesta en Lauragais (Haute-Garonne), which is now operational. The plant, completed by North German plant engineers EnviTec Biogas in just nine months, heralds the start of a very special sustainability project by the customer. Da Lozzo runs a composting business that collects and processes organic waste: while dry and structurally complex materials are composted directly, liquid and moisture-rich waste is sent to the biogas plant. Supermarket waste is one of the materials accepted, and 16 stores run by an American fast food chain from the Toulouse region also send their biodegradable waste to Cler-Verts, the composting firm run by Da Lozzo and business partner Gérard Lanta.

“The vision of a sustainable closed-loop economy has become reality here,” says Christian Ernst, Managing Director of the EnviTec Biogas branch office in France. Organic waste from the region makes up 100% of the feedstock for the CLER ENR plant, which is “our first reference facility in the south of France.”

The plant was officially opened by Regional Council President Carole Delga, whose speech drew attention specifically to the staying power shown by Da Lozzo for his project: six long years went by before Da Lozzo saw his original idea of effectively recycling the region’s waste to generate energy being finally implemented. The biogas plant generates and sells some 5 million kWh of electricity, enough to meet the needs of about 950 households. The customer uses the thermal energy produced by power generation to heat the digester and pasteurisation system, and for drying work in the adjoining composting facility.

Around 60 of EnviTec’s customers joined local politicians in accepting the biogas all-rounder’s invitation to visit the plant and the larger project on the following day.

More information about Cler-Verts and the Organic Valley is available online:




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