EnviTec Service announces new partnership agreement with Gardner Denver / product range WITTIG

Developing market potential together

Lohne/Saerbeck, 28 May 2019 – EnviTec Service GmbH today announced the recent signing of a service partnership agreement with Gardner Denver, covering both Germany and Europe and with the aim of working together over the long term to utilise the potential offered by these markets.

Martin Brinkmann, Managing Director of EnviTec Service GmbH: “With Gardner Denver, we have a highly experienced partner at our side. The new agreement covers all of the activities involved in the maintenance and servicing of WITTIG high-pressure gas compressors and WITTIG vacuum pumps.”

The two companies have already been working together closely since 2013 – EnviTec Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG has been sourcing its high-pressure gas compressors and vacuum pumps since then from the US company. The 11-bar compressors were placed on the German market, while the 15-bar compressors were distributed on the European market. “The first project that we have realised together involving a 15-bar compressor is the 340 Nm³ EnviThan plant in Étréville, Normandy,” comments Stefan Laumann, who manages the Gas Upgrading Dept. at EnviTec Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG. Gas upgrading plants in Germany – in locations such as Köckte, Sachsendorf, Beetzendorf and Forst – have also been equipped with parts from Gardner Denver. For each project, EnviTec specifies the individual target parameters for the process, such as pressure and volume flow rate. Gardner Denver then uses these parameters to design the compressor set. “We install the compressor set in our container and commission the unit as a joint activity,” explains Laumann.

The two companies are working together in the field of maintenance, too. “This is an area where we want to expand our cooperation and also become active outside Germany,” Brinkmann continues. The aim of the new partnership agreement is to provide mutual support for the service segment. For its part, Gardner Denver offers training for EnviTec employees and provides on-site support for a range of technical activities. “In turn, we handle the various maintenance tasks like oil and filter changes, vibration measurements or the replacement of wear parts,” explains Brinkmann. The key objective for both parties to this new agreement is achieving long-term customer retention. Brinkmann: “Ultimately, the agreement means we can respond to plant faults even more quickly and effectively – which will ensure that our customers experience as few hours of downtime as possible.”

Gardner Denver has been a leading global supplier of compressors, blower units and vacuum pumps for over 160 years. In its long and successful history, the US company has served a customer base drawn from a wide variety of industry sectors worldwide.


About EnviTec Biogas AG

EnviTec Biogas AG is a full-service biogas provider who covers the entire value chain for the production and processing of biogas, including the planning and turnkey construction of biogas plants and biogas upgrading plants as well as their commissioning. The company takes charge of biological and technical services on demand and also offers full plant and operational management. EnviTec operates 74 own plants, making it one of the largest biogas producers in Germany. Its business activities also include the direct marketing of upgraded biomethane and the marketing of electricity and balancing energy. With a presence in 16 countries worldwide, EnviTec Biogas AG is represented by its own companies, sales offices, strategic partners and joint ventures. In 2018, the EnviTec Group generated revenue of EUR 186.8 million and EBIT of EUR 10.1 million. The Group currently employs a good 430 people. EnviTec Biogas AG has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since July 2007.