EnviTec Biogas to complete two more biogas projects in China

Beijing bets on biogas

Lohne/Saerbeck, 28 September 2020 – China is stepping on the gas to expand its renewable energy sources. Last year, EnviTec Biogas was able to add another two biogas projects in the People’s Republic of China to its order books. Construction work is now well underway on these facilities. “For us, these are already our sixth and seventh projects in China, whose biomethane production will go online no later than mid-year 2021,” comments Jörg Fischer, the board member with responsibility for China at the German biogas all-rounder. The Covid-19 pandemic caused only a slight delay to the start of building work on the two plants. “Our local Chinese team was able to restart work back in May, which meant we were able to avoid any longer delays to our projects,” Fischer continues. Only the posting of specialists and construction supervisors from Germany had to be put off until well into August. After observing the quarantine and hygiene protocols currently in force in China, the team sent by EnviTec can now get to work as well.

Project number six will be built near to the city of Lankao, in the Chinese province of Henan. The client is a member of the PowerChina Group, which is a Chinese state-run enterprise. The customer signed a cooperation agreement with EnviTec back in 2018.  "We have just sent 22 containers loaded with our biogas technology on its way to Lankao," says Fischer. At the moment, construction for a total of eight digesters has begun on the construction site and installation of the technology will start in about six weeks when the containers arrive. The biogas plant’s final daily output is rated at around 50,000 Nm³ of biogas. Stefan Dehne, EnviTec Technical Sales Manager: “For this project, EnviTec is handling all of the engineering and supplying the main components, while also supporting our partner in construction and commissioning work, and naturally carrying out training for the operators of the EnviTec systems.” The biomethane produced independently by the operating company will later be used in the fuel sector.

The seventh project will be built near the city of Qinxian in the Chinese province of Shanxi. The Qinxian biogas project is the fifth project in China in which EnviTec is supplying the three-stage EnviThan membrane gas upgrading technology. Patented by Evonik, this three-stage membrane gas upgrading procedure enables biogas to be refined to biomethane with very low levels of methane loss.

The operating company for the Qinxian plant will be Shanxi Energy & Traffic Investment Co. Ltd., who worked with EnviTec on the successful Shenmu Yuanping project. After completion, the four digesters in the biogas plant will generate around 37,000 Nm³ of biogas every day from agricultural waste such as corn stover, which is then upgraded into biomethane. The biomethane produced will also be used as a bio CNG fuel in the vehicle fuel sector. 

The People’s Republic of China is a key market of the future for EnviTec Biogas. Fischer: “The Chinese government has nailed its colours to the mast in terms of renewables—and both biogas and biomethane will play a major and crucial role in meeting the targets of Beijing’s policy planning.” 

The thirteenth and latest Five-Year Plan promulgated by the Chinese Government envisages constructing more than 3,000 large-scale biogas plants in China over the Plan’s five-year timescale. (Source: https://www.worldbiogasassociation.org/what-does-the-future-hold-for-biogas-in-china/


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