Agriculture 2.0

Smart investments and innovative models for successful producers in the biogas market

Those who opt for a biogas plant have learnt early on that it is not only the scope of such a project that presents a challenge. Even an intelligent energy concept and cooperative integration of the vicinity and environment require an intensive discussion.

The following projects show how we have used completely different starting scenarios to build a single, successful model.

Plant profile: Güstrow

Location: 18273 Güstrow, Germany

In-service date: expected mid 2023

Input materials: 150,000 tonnes p.a., mainly agricultural waste materials

Special features: Germany's largest integrated bio-LNG plant (bio-LNG incl. CO2 liquefaction plant

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High efficiency and competitive edge thanks to free-of-charge waste heat

  • Location: Wöbbelin (Germany)
  • Capacity: 2 x 526 kWel
  • Input materials: Manure, renewable resources
  • Features: All the waste heat of the biogas plants is used for heating the farm’s greenhouses and buildings.
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Integration of the environment – flagship project for entire region

    • Location: Stowell Farms, Wiltshire (England)
    • Capacity: 499 kWel
    • Input materials: Manure, grass and maize silage, feed remains
    • Features: Processes the slurry of 500 herds of cattle into high-quality fertilisers.

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      A small slurry plant in Italy – ecologically useful and profitable

      • Location: Casaletto Ceredano, Lombardei/Italy
      • Capacity: 249 kWel
      • Input Materials: Pig slurry, maize meal
      • Features: The power is fed into the public grid. The heat generated is used for heating the digester.
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