Our lab for high-precision analysis

The formula couldn’t be simpler:
State-of-the-art lab tech + biological know-how = faster service

A properly working biological system is the basis for successful biogas production. Thanks to an in-house EnviTec lab, our experts can get results back from samples taken in just a few hours, and find out just how and where help needs to be provided.

Whether you have a service agreement or need an ad hoc callout because your plant’s biological systems have ‘gone off the rails’, our Service Team can collect samples from your facility for immediate analysis.

With 77 m3 of space, the laboratory rounds off EnviTec’s service portfolio by offering the following analyses:

  • Input materials used
    (dry weight, raw ash, raw protein, raw fat, raw fibre; calculated nitrogen-free extract (NFE))
  • Digestion process in digester
    (pH value, ammonium-nitrogen NH4-N, acetic acid equivalent (FOS), acid capacity (TAC); calculated FOS/TAC value)
  • End-of-process digestate
    (dry weight, raw ash, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, copper, zinc, sulphur)

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Your contact Clemens Willenborg

Manager Biological Service
EnviTec Service GmbH
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