Your partner with global experience

The number of our locations is growing continuously. The reason for this is that the advantages of biogas spread among governments, farmers and investors. But it is also because potential plant operators prefer searching for experienced partners.

The German market leader goes global

EnviTec Biogas GmbH was founded in 2002 after decades of experience in plant construction, project business, and management of agricultural holdings. Since 2007 the company has been listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange as a stock corporation. EnviTec is represented worldwide with its own subsidiaries, joint ventures, and sales offices.

Plant construction and EnviTec operation

We align our growth to the German market as well as international markets – not only in the area of plant construction but also by operating our own biogas plants. In this way we combine the competent operational management of our cooperation partners locally with our own special expertise and thus achieve a high level of plant efficiency with attractive profit margins.

A leader in future technologies

In addition to its competence and experience, EnviTec attributes its outstanding success to its commitment to innovation and progress. From the very beginning we concentrated on a modular construction concept, and thus early on we were able to handle plant sizes from 370 kWel upwards. We have also been known for our pioneering work in the development of new technologies for some time. For example, this applies to effluent treatment but also to biogas treatment. These processes and other innovative processes are further developed in our research and development department.

Plant construction

The Plant Construction segment builds biogas and biomethane plants for customers such as farmers, industrial enterprises and investors. We plan the plant, build it and start up the production of biogas and respectively biomethane.

Our product portfolio covers:

  • biogas plants for the agricultural sector
  • biogas plants for the waste-to-energy sector
  • gas upgrading plants (EnviThan)

We rely on a modular design approach using standardised elements, which can be combined to meet the respective local requirements. This means that we offer customised solutions and tried-and-tested technology at the same time. The advantages include faster plant start-up, high operational safety and low operating costs.

Over the past years, we have attained a leading position in the biogas market and operate plants in as many as 17 countries.

The figures speak for themselves:

Biogas plants built by EnviTec generate about 3.9 billion kilowatt-hour CO2-neutral electricity per year, prividing more than 1.3 million households!


Why should you decide to use the EnviTec Biogas Service?

...because your biogas plant is in safe hands with us!

As biogas all-rounders, we know biogas generation processes better than anyone and offer a service package that guarantees your peace of mind.

Your advantages at a glance:


To keep your plant running efficiently, it’s important that the services offered are perfectly coordinated and that your service partner is very familiar with the plant. With our fully featured package of analysis, biological and technical consulting services plus process materials to improve your output, we keep your plant in top condition.



Our service is hands-on – quite literally. It’s the only way to assess your plant’s biological ecosystem. Our experienced technicians know the signs of when this ecosystem starts to go ‘off the rails’. Taken together, a plant’s biological processes are highly complex, which means our experts use visual, olfactory and acoustic input to achieve a precise assessment of your environment.



Lean back and bask in the certainty that everything’s running like clockwork. With over 166 service technicians in Germany and abroad, an online shop, a 24-hour hotline and our online monitoring service, EnviTec is on hand to provide you with advice and assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Simply decide for yourself when you want to utilise a specific service package.



We aggregate the data we collect into an overall picture that we then use to assess the biological process state. Starting with our examination of the input materials, we then analyse samples from the digester before investigating the digestate itself. We are then able to offer you a comprehensive description of the condition of your plant, plus recommendations to improve its performance. Of course, we don’t simply hand you this report and walk away. Depending on your plant’s needs, we can promptly supply you with products for process stabilisation or performance improvement.



As a European market leader, we set the standards. Our customers rely on our long-standing expertise and we’re currently providing biological and technical support services to plants with a total installed capacity of roughly 150 MW and 422 MW, respectively. This wealth of know-how lets us offer targeted recommendations for action. To meet our customer’s demanding requirements, EnviTec’s specialists deploy standardised methods oriented on current standards, such as those issued by the German Institute for Standardisation (DIN) or the Federal Compost Quality Mark Association (BGK).

Interested in finding out more about a specific service?


Simply call our Service Hotline to arrange a personal consultation:

  • Service Hotline Czech Republic/Slovakia: +420 725031600
  • Service Hotline Denmark: +49 43153030358
  • Service Hotline France: +33 296767790
  • Service Hotline Germany: +49 800 338 7777
  • Service Hotline Italy: +39 0458969899
  • Service Hotline Latvia: +371 27727427
  • Service Hotline UK: +44 7904873153

Own investment

How we operate our own biogas plants

Besides constructing biogas plants for customers, EnviTec owns and operates biogas plants, both on agricultural as well as industrial sites. These plants are operated together with local partners  combining local expertise and competent management with long-term operational and technical knowledge provided by EnviTec.

We currently operate biogas plants with a total installed capacity of almost 63 MWel in Germany and more than 10 MWel throughout the rest of Europe.

We are looking for a long-term partnership with local parties, who are able to provide the location for a biogas plant in combination with providing (part of) the feedstock and local solutions to offtake the digestate.

Different factors when planning a biogas plant make each location special and need an individual assessment. After an initial assessment we can provide you with a preliminary feasibility study taking into account these location-specific factors.

In a partnership EnviTec will provide the following services:

  • Assistance in choosing the right location for a plant
  • Development of the project in alignment with partner:
    - Providing design of the biogas plant
    - Providing the support and documentation or the planning/permit application
    - Assisting in contracting feedstock supply and digestate offtake
    - Applying for the required grid-connections
  • Construction of the turn-key biogas plant in partnership
  • Providing operational management of the plant through its own structure
  • Providing biological and maintenance services by EnviTec Service
  • Providing administrative support through local offices  


​​​​​​​EnviTec is looking for a partner who

  • Can provide (part of) the feedstock
  • Can offtake itself (part of) the digestate
  • Can offer a suitable location with a good grid access ability
  • Can potentially offtake part of the produced energy (either electricity, heat or biomethane)
  • Is able to provide daily operational support
  • Is willing to invest together with EnviTec

At a glance

  • A partner who provides development, construction, operational and maintenance services
  • Sharing risks on investment as well as operational level
  • Benefiting from technical and operational knowledge within EnviTec
  • Support on financing negotiations
  • Support on feedstock procurement

  • Minimum shareholding of 50 % by EnviTec
  • Project-based financing
  • Long-term assurance of input and output
  • Secured energy offtake