EnviTec’s Biological Service:
getting the best out of nature!

For your biogas plant, maximising efficiency is what matters.

The routine inspection of substrates and digestates is essential for the long-term biological maintenance of processes. No two biogas plants are the same and digestion is a natural process. Depending on input material quantity and quality, fluctuations are possible, which can be detected early on with a range of parameters, which let our Service Team take any action required in good time.

Our all-round service packages ensure the long-term flexibility of your plant.

We guarantee

  • High plant capacity utilisation
    On average, plants supported by our service teams achieve efficiencies of over 95%. This is all thanks to our experienced specialists, who use their expertise to extract the maximum yield from every plant. After routine site visits from EnviTec’s experts, significant improvements to performance are often seen in a matter of weeks, thanks to the fine-tuning of plant settings.

  • Less downtime
    Every hour of downtime translates into a major loss of earnings for your plant. Regular checks of the biological processes can detect aberrations at an early stage, however. This approach enables our teams to intervene earlier and keep your plant running smoothly.

  • Better profitability
    Our work – your profit! The efficiency of your biogas plant has a direct impact on its economic viability. Our specialists can draw on a wide range of tools to considerably improve the ultimate yield of your plant. This involves optimal fine-tuning of the substrates and digester systems.
  • A sustainable approach
    The regular inspection of input materials and digestate is essential for the long-term health of the digestion process. And the early detection of negative trends enables a proactive approach that can be effective in avoiding long-term problems with your plant – such as with gas production, for example.
  • Made-to-fit feeding
    Every biogas plant is different. Although a plant can experience fluctuations due to the input material used, and the quantity and quality of the output material, these can be detected early on during inspections by our experts. We help you to complete input material changeovers and optimise your feed management system, and can also make recommendations for the use of trace elements.

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