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EnviTec has been a leader in the planning, development and realisation of renewable energy projects for many years. Our expertise and commitment to sustainable energy generation has enabled us to successfully realise a wide range of plants of various sizes and applications worldwide.

Our reference page offers you an insight into some of our outstanding projects. Here you will find information about the technical specifications, locations and the scope of our work. From agricultural biogas plants to industrial biomethane plants, our references demonstrate our ability to develop and implement customised solutions that meet our customers' requirements.

We are proud to share our projects and experience with you. Our references testify to our ability to overcome complex challenges in the renewable energy industry and provide sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions. We invite you to learn more about our work and are available to answer your questions or provide further information.

BioEnergie Park Güstrow

Find out more about Germany's largest integrated Bio-LNG plant (Bio-LNG incl. CO2 liquefaction plant) here

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Customised biogas plants

Biogas and gas upgrading plants for the processing of agricultural materials or industrial waste - we offer customers worldwide individual solutions.

Active in 17 countries, EnviTec installed more than 458 MWel and 660 plants worldwide and has a wide experience in processing agricultural, agro-industrial by-products and other organic waste.

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Our projects


Germany's largest integrated bio-LNG plant (bio-LNG incl. CO2 liquefaction plant)

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Industrial plant, Gauchy

Find out more about the industrial biogas plant with gas upgrading in Gauchy, France.

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Find out more about the gas treatment plant in Glamsberg, Flemløse, Denmark.

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