You want to get the highest return of your investment? So do we!

Research and innovation is a constant process at EnviTec Biogas and, thanks to our engineers, the customer is always kept up to date of the latest technological progress to improve plant efficiency – whether that be decreases in feed input with the same gas yield or expansion of the site’s energy output and upgraded gas production.

Your system can be most easily adapted to the latest technological developments. An investment in the "health" of your biogas plant is worthwhile, because it usually pays for itself in a short time.

Depending on the plant quality we offer

  •  Technology for better utilization of different input materials
  •  Technology for the reduction of operation costs
  •  Technology for a higher energy output
  •  Technology to maximize storage capacity
  •  Technology for biogas upgrading by EnviThan

We can advise you on site and check your options to develop the right plan and then carry out all the necessary work. As always, our aim is to maximise the potential of your plant and make it easy for you.