Plant Profile: BioEnergiepark Güstrow

Location: 18273 Güstrow, Germany

Capacity: 9,600 t Bio-LNG and 15,000 t LCO2 p.a., CHPs with 3.1 MWel

In-service date: 2009, currently in trial operation after conversion

Input materials: 150,000 tonnes p.a., mainly agricultural waste materials

Special features: Germany's largest integrated bio-LNG plant (bio-LNG incl. CO2 liquefaction plant)

Key facts

In regular operation, the Güstrow plant will supply about 9,600 t of bio-LNG per year to help make heavy goods traffic greener. In terms of mileage, this output of green fuel can power 50 million truck kilometres a year. Numerous agreements have already been signed with customers looking to offer this LNG as an alternative fuel at their filling stations.

  • Commissioning of Germany’s largest biogas plant, built by EnviTec Biogas, in 2009
  • Purchase and transfer to EnviTec Own Investment in 2021
  • Production of about 9,600 metric tonnes of bio-LNG (liquefied natural gas) and 15,000 metric tonnes of bio-LCO2 in regular operation
  • Previously, the 500-GWh biogas upgrading unit fed biomethane into the 25-bar natural gas network. The former operator required around 400,000 metric tonnes of substrate for this. This was predominantly sweet corn, but also included whole plant silage, cereals and grass silage.
  • The new operating concept, input will be reduced to 150,000 metric tonnes per annum, primarily consisting of agricultural residues. Additional CHP units will be 'docked on' to supply 3.1 MWel of power for the plant's own use. Digestate storage capacities have also been adjusted accordingly.
  • The conversion of the Güstrow site required investment in a CO2 liquefaction plant and an LNG plant for biomethane liquefaction as well as extensive reinvestment in elements such as new roofs and agitators amounting to more than EUR 50 million. 


Relevant, versatile and future-proof - with these three characteristics, biogas is convincing in the renewable energy mix and we as a flexible and innovative company see ourselves as a motor of the energy transition. We are currently at a turning point and need to drive the transformation in the energy sector faster and even more effectively in order to counter the already noticeable consequences of climate change. Our short film provides data, facts and figures about the multi-talent biogas as a game changer for the energy transition!

Our short film provides concise data, facts and figures on the multi-talent biogas! All statements are based on current statistics and articles from the independent think tank and policy laboratory AGORA Energiewende, Statista, the AGEB 2022 annual report, dena analyses, etc. The synopsis does not claim to be complete.

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