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Our biomethane projects!

Cost-effective, efficient and reliable technology, plus smart business models that cover the entire value chain for the biomethane market. Our expertise is in demand worldwide.

Plant profil: BioEnergie Park Güstrow

Location: 18273 Güstrow, Germany

Capacity: 9,600 t Bio-LNG and 15,000 t LCO2 p.a., CHPs with 3.1 MWel

In-service date: 2009, currently in trial operation after conversion

Input materials: 150,000 tonnes p.a., mainly agricultural waste materials

Special features: Germany's largest integrated bio-LNG plant (bio-LNG incl. CO2 liquefaction plant)

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Industrial biogas plant with gas upgrading in Gauchy/France

Location: Gauchy, Aisne department, Hauts-de-France region, France

In-service date: May 2021

Input materials: 51,000 t residues p/a

Special features:

  • 440 Nm³ EnviThan with grid injection compressor (16 bar local grid)
  • Innovative residual material processing system with flexible input handling
  • Residual material supplied to dedicated 1,000 m² technical building
  • Methane purified and fed into the local Gaz-B grid operated by GRDF
  • Located in the middle of an industrial park
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Plant profile: Glamsbjerg, Flemløse

Location: 5620 Glamsbjerg, Flemløse, Denmark

In-service date: 2020

Input materials: Maize and grass silage, solid manure, wet manure, straw, organic residues

Special features:

  • 850 Nm3/h adjoining biogas upgrading plant
  • Biomethane is fed directly into the local grid
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From the source to the steering wheel: EnviThan makes inroads into fuel market in China

    • Location: Penglai City (Shangdong province, China)
    • Capacity: 2 x 1000 Nm³/h biomethane
    • Input materials: Poultry litter from the owner’s approx. 1 million head of poultry
    • Features: This plant is the first biogas upgrading plant from EnviTec Biogas in China. Both of the structurally identical EnviThan upgrading systems, each with a capacity of 1.000 Nm³/h biomethane, deliver bio-CNG (compressed natural gas from biogas) as the end product of biomethane treatment. The bio-CNG is used as a green fuel in the company’s own filling station and in the nearby city of Yantai.
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      We make efficient technology even better – with our own R&D plant to ensure optimal results

        • Location: Sachsendorf (Germany)
        • Capacity: 350 Nm³/h biomethane
        • Special features: Whatever our many successes, we don’t rest on our laurels. We work continuously on the further improvement and optimisation of our technologies. In the EnviThan demonstration plant that we run in Sachsendorf, Germany, the components and materials are operated to the limits of their capacity, and the results analysed in order to ensure an optimal plant design and control response while extracting the maximum possible added value and efficiency. Forward-thinking, reliable and efficient – EnviThan.

          Energy for 2,150 households: our flagship project in Icknield (UK)

            • Location: Ipsden, Oxfordshire (UK)
            • Capacity: 700 Nm³/h biomethane + 360 kWel CHP
            • Input materials: Pig slurry, farm by-products, energy crops
            • Special Features: The plant is capable of supplying enough gas to meet the annual needs of around 2,150 households. The subsequent reuse of the digestate as fertiliser also helps to reduce the use of chemical fertilisers by local agricultural businesses.
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              Compact, modular design offers customers maximum flexibility: EnviThan gas feed-in France

                • Location: Senlis (France)
                • Capacity: 250 Nm³/h biomethane
                • Input materials: Silage, sugar beet pulp, agricultural waste
                • Special features: This is EnviTec’s first gas upgrading plant in France. Our Senlis-based customer enjoys multiple benefits from the compact, modular design used by EnviThan plant. Thanks to the quick and easy installation of the technical systems, the operator started feeding biomethane into the local gas grid after a construction period of just ten months. The modular design of EnviThan plants and the built-in performance reserves also offer a straightforward approach to expanding gas upgrading capacity. 

                  Proven technology + reliable after sales service = satisfied customer!

                    • Location: Hammel (Denmark)
                    • Capacity: 1335 Nm³/h biomethane
                    • Input materials: Grass silage, sugar beet, straw, turkey litter and glycerine
                    • Special features: Our customer is Denmark’s largest land-owner, with over 10,000 hectares to its name. Apart from our efficient EnviThan technology, we also impressed the client as a solid partner with a portfolio of successful international references. EnviTec’s flexibility and the reliability of our gas upgrading plants, plus our comprehensive – and local – after sales service were decisive factors for winning this contract. And we continue to impress: the customer has already made multiple expansions to the plant.