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Systematic, certified occupational safety and health

From incident and fire safety planning to hazard control strategies and hazard assessments: there’s a long list of mandatory technical codes, training and record-keeping obligations for biogas plant operators. Although it’s hardly surprising: since operating a biogas plant involves certain dangers, knowing how to handle hazardous substances correctly is absolutely essential for plant operators.

During day-to-day plant operations, dangers need to be able to be identified quickly, so operators can initiate technical or organisational countermeasures safely and in good time, to avoid potential health risks or environmental hazards. In Germany, mandatory training on all of these topics is required by law. Drawing on the extensive experience gained by operating its own plants, EnviTec’s all-rounder team offers comprehensive training for Safety, Health and the Environment (SHE). This in-depth approach to occupational safety and health is aimed at plant operators, operating personnel and biogas plant service providers.

We often receive enquiries about the codes of practice for plant safety (TRAS 120) and codes of practice for hazardous substances (TRGS 529) from plant operators. Both of the certification/training courses for these codes are offered by the EnviTec SHE team.

To comply with the 2015 Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances (TRGS) 529 (‘Activities Involved in the Production of Biogas’), at least two persons must be suitably qualified for biogas plant activities and able to provide proof of completing an appropriate course of further training every four years.

The experts from EnviTec Biogas are pleased to be able to offer you this training course on two dates every year.

We also provide in-house training at your facility! Request your non-binding quotation today!

We offer a two-day TRGS training course plus certification for operators of a range of biogas plants.
Training takes place on two consecutive days and ends with the handover of the training certificate.
The workshop is run by our Hazard Control Engineer Mr Reinecke, whose wealth of experience stems from running our in-house operations.


The 3-day online basic course will take place from 30. March - 01. April 2022, from 09:00 - 15:00 each day.

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Registration for the german Refresher course

The 2-day online refresher course will take place from 23. - 24. March 2022, from 09:00 - 11:30 each day. 

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TRGS 529 / TRAS 520 - Course content for our operational safety workshop to gain TRGS 529 certification:

Module 1

  • General knowledge
  • Basics of hazardous materials law
  • Biogas
  • General information
  • Explosion protection
  • Fire safety
  • Health hazards
  • Protective measures (health hazards)



Module 2

  • Additives and process materials
  • Health hazards
  • Environmental hazards
  • Protective measures
  • Emergency measures and first aid

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