EnviTec Biogas AGM approves dividend of EUR 2.00


At yesterday’s digital Annual General Meeting, EnviTec Biogas AG (ISIN: DE000A0MVLS8) looked back on a successful fiscal year 2022. Based on a very good earnings and cash position as well as a solid equity ratio, a large majority of the shareholders approved the proposal to distribute a dividend of EUR 2.00 per eligible share. All other items on the agenda were also approved by a large majority of the shareholders. In total, shareholders with more than 85% of the voting rights took part in the Annual General Meeting.

“Looking ahead to the coming periods, the record results of the year 2022 give our company a very high internal financing capacity, which will allow us to continue investing and stemming growth from our own resources,” said Jörg Fischer, Chief Financial Officer of EnviTec Biogas AG, who is confident that the company is well on track also for the current fiscal year, as “we have again had a very good start and are seeing a very good performance in all segments of our Group.”

For the fiscal year 2023 as a whole, EnviTec projects total output (or revenues) of between EUR 400 million and EUR 450 million. Taking into account a positive one-time effect in the Energy unit, earnings before taxes (EBT) are expected to come in at between EUR 85 million and EUR 105 million. Moreover, the focus will be placed on the new bio-LNG production plant in Güstrow, which is scheduled to start regular operation in the third quarter of 2023.

In his presentation, Chief Technology Officer Jürgen Tenbrink focused on the innovative EnviThan gas upgrading technology. In view of the steadily growing number of orders, EnviTec recently significantly expanded the existing production area for EnviThan gas upgrading at the Saerbeck site, doubling the number of production stations from six to twelve. Tenbrink also presented the new EnviTec remote control tool, which not only ensures simple and efficient plant monitoring but also provides effective protection against cyber attacks.

The report by Olaf von Lehmden, CEO of EnviTec Biogas AG, focused on the company’s current strategy. Currently, he sees the greatest opportunities in Germany for bio-LNG and its use in the transport sector (trucks and buses). He also spoke about the RePowerEU plan, which aims to increase the amount of biomethane produced in the EU to 35 billion Nm3 by 2030 in order to replace Russian gas imports. This would represent a tenfold increase in the current production volume. Exciting projects are on the cards also in the USA in the context of the Inflation Reduction Act.

“We are currently benefiting from strong tailwinds in all segments, including in our German core market,” said Olaf von Lehmden. “In order to turn this potential into real earnings, we are investing heavily, especially in the development of bio-LNG fuel production facilities. Of course, this is not without its challenges, starting with the still fragile political situation in Germany, which continues to result in sudden strategic changes that are difficult to predict. Nevertheless, the fuel market is one of the most important future markets for EnviTec and we expect to generate the majority of our future cash flows from advanced biofuels. As a diversified biogas specialist, we continue to operate in other areas as well. In the international markets, we will focus our plant construction activities on gas upgrading and waste fermentation. In this way, we will continue to make a sustainable contribution to decarbonisation.”

About EnviTec Biogas AG

EnviTec Biogas AG covers the entire value chain for the production of biogas, including the planning and turnkey construction of biogas plants and biogas upgrading plants as well as their commissioning. The company takes charge of biological and technical services on demand and also offers operational management. EnviTec operates 89 own plants, making it one of the largest biogas producers in Germany. EnviTec’s business activities also include the direct marketing of processed biomethane as well as the marketing of electricity and balancing energy. With a presence in 15 countries worldwide, EnviTec Biogas AG is represented by its own companies, sales offices, strategic partners and joint ventures. In 2022, the EnviTec Group generated revenue of EUR 382.8 million and EBT of EUR 66.6 million. The Group currently employs 607 people. EnviTec Biogas AG has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since July 2007.